Services Offered

With over 30 years in business Afro-Kai Ltd offers a number of services to include; Grain Sampling, Grain Cleaning, Grain Drying, Grain Storage, Laboratory Services, Weighbridge Services and Outgrowers.

Grain Sampling

All samples are taken from vehicles upon intake, allowing for an even and thorough sample to be taken for testing.

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Grain Cleaning

All Commodities of Grain Cleaning processed and separated: Broken grain, immature. Shrivelled grain, pest damaged grain and discoloured grain.

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Grain Drying

Afro Kai Limited runs two grain dryers with a capacity to process over 30MT per tonnes per hour.

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Grain Storage

Afro-Kai Ltd has over 43,000 metric tonnes of Grain Storage that is flat stores and automated Silos. All our stores are fully ventilated and meet the current code of practice.

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Taking 100 Metric Tonnes located at our different facilities.

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With over 10,000 farmers country wide. We support them with seed, fertilizer and pesticide from our sister company FICA

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Grain Testing is available at our in house laboratory and enables us to assess and analyse all grain coming.

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Our Memberships