Grain Management in Uganda
by Afro-Kai Ltd

Grain Testing is available at our in house laboratory and enables us to assess and analyse all grain coming.

The Laboratory

Our Quality control laboratory is fully equipped to analyse all grain/pulse grade parameter such as foreign matter, inorganic matter, organic matter, rotten and diseased grain, pest damaged kernel, germinated grain, stained grain, immature or shrivelled grain, broken kernel and total defectives for maize grain, Dry beans, sorghum, sesame and chia seeds. We also analyse none grading parameters like moisture content using Vacuum oven method, and total Aflatoxins using Enzyme Linked Immuno-absorbant Assay (ELISA) method.

We grade maize flow based on the granulation requirements of the client. On top of the grading/none grading parameters, we test nutrition composition parameters like crude protein content, crude fat content, crude fibre, total carbohydrates and glucose content of foods. We also analyse fatty acidity in flour as a parameter that dictates the shelf life of flour. On the side of none –food samples, we analyse total Crude nitrogen in organic fertilizers like Urea and NPK, phosphates & nitrates plus granulation and moisture content of organic fertilizers. We also analyse pH, dissolved ammonia content and dissolved oxygen of water used in fish ponds. We offer external grain sampling services per GAFTA guidelines No: 124. Our laboratory is open to the public for analysis of any of the above mentioned parameters.
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