Grain Management in Uganda
by Afro-Kai Ltd

With over 10,000 farmers country wide. We support them with seed, fertilizer and pesticide from our sister company FICA.


AKL has organized over 10,000 members of farmers in organized groups for grain production in the north western Uganda. The company has over 10,000 farmers and an input/output distribution network with 40 group agents in different locations in rural areas.
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Our out growers on a successful harvest.

Our Out growers bagging AKL sorghum.

Out grower Farmer just received AKL bagging.

Out grower farmers with AKL staff supervising fields.

AKL out grower in his farm.

AKL out grower farmer drying his harvest.

Other AKL out growers in their farms.

Other AKL out growers in their farms.

Farmer our growers taking their produce to AKL aggregation centre in Northern Uganda.

Other AKL out growers in their farms.

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